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int KPlayer::userId (  )  const [inline]

Returns the user defined id of the player This value can be used arbitrary by you to have some user idendification for your player, e.g. 0 for a white chess player, 1 for a black one. This value is more reliable than the player id whcih can even change when you make a network connection.

the user defined player id

Definition at line 206 of file kplayer.h.

References KGameProperty< type >::value().

Referenced by Kwin4Doc::checkGameOver(), Kwin4Doc::createIO(), KGameProcessIO::initIO(), Kwin4Doc::newPlayersJoin(), Kwin4Doc::nextPlayer(), Kwin4Doc::slotGameOver(), Kwin4App::slotGameOver(), Kwin4View::slotKeyInput(), Kwin4View::slotMouseInput(), Kwin4Doc::slotPlayerPropertyChanged(), and Kwin4Doc::slotPrepareTurn().

{return mUserId.value();} 

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